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Our country's freedom is paid for by the blood and soul of 6,987 US Military who paid the ultimate price since 9/11, in Afghanistan, Irag, Syria and in our home land. Their sacrifice is so that we can enjoy the lifestyle in America that other countries wish to have.  Many of our soldiers were young men and women who voluntarily joined leaving behind their families to fight for our constitutional democracy. Let us honor them for their service by  Donation as small as $25, Sponsorship and Adoption, so that they are "Never to be Forgotten".  


Your Sponsorship will provide the family of the USA Hero a Framed Memorial Picture with Branch of Service, Unit, Rank, Name, Dash Date, Medals and silhouette of saluting Soldiers in front of an American Flag background. Also with a title on top,

           America Will Never Forget

              Honoring USA Heroes

         Sponsors name and City, State

You will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from HonoringUSAHeroes.Org and one will be presented to the family on your behalf. 

Click on the button Sponsor A Hero, this will take you to  View Irag and Afghanistan Fatalities.  Search for the US Soldier you wish to Sponsor, and then email us the Soldier's information so that we may contact the family through local Veterans Organization to make arrangements to present this amazing gift from a grateful US Citizen.


Your adoption of a USA Hero, you will receive the benefits of Sponsoring a Hero plus receive an identical Framed Memorial Picture Speaker for your home or business to further the memories of your adopted Hero among your family, friends, and business clients. Be proud to display and answer any questions or tell the story of your Adopted Hero.



Honor a Gold Star Family

A Gold Star Family is the immediate family member(s) of a fallen service member who died while serving in a time of conflict. From the time our young men and women signing their names to give their lives for our country, parents of these young men and women are either joyously and very proud of their loved one’s decision to move on with their life and independence to serve our country, but also fearful to know that this process and commitment to serve this country commits their beloved son and daughter to the needs and service of the US Military at home and abroad “In harm's way”.  The most asked request by our Heroes families is that they are “Never to be Forgotten”.  By displaying the picture in the room where life is lived, playing his/her favorite songs or songs of his time. While your friends and families are enjoying the music, they will ask you a question.  Where is this music coming from?  This is the opportunity for families to point to the picture and talk about their son/daughter as questions are asked.  The listener will then have an emotional connection with the picture and the song will be embedded in the listener's memory.  And each time they hear the song, a memory cell is activated and they will never forget the picture of our HERO!

Your $500 Sponsorship, Honoring USA Heroes will provide the family a Wood Framed 16 x 20 Memorial Blue Tooth Wireless Picture Speaker.  Your family or business name will be in the picture below “America will Never Forget” and “Honoring USA Heroes” included (not shown) placed on the wooden frame, a brass plate with sponsors name, city, and state.  You will also receive a Certificate of Sponsorship to display at your home or business.  Also, for an additional $400, you will receive an identical Memorial Speaker Picture to display at your home or business in honor of your sponsorship.