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Never Forget our First Res-Ponders and US Military who paid the Ultimate Price.



"A world where heroes are "Never to be Forgotten"

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America will never forget


Reinforcing our Commitment

“343 Reasons” On September 11, 2001, all fire departments in New York City and surrounding suburbs responded to the disaster at the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Grabbing their gear and racing to the call to rescue and help thousands of people trapped in the burning Twin Towers. 343 firefighters confirmed their training fears that all firefighters encounter when they enter a burning building, the “Fear” that is on the back of their mind is the fear of the burning building they enter, will collapse and end their lives. On this day the entire FDNY responded to the call and even those who had plans on their day off grabbed their gear and entered the city to rescue those in need.  One firefighter, after being on a 24-hr. shift canceled his golf game with his brothers and went back to his Brooklyn Station to find his truck and team had already left.  Not to be left behind he drove to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Upon arrival he found the tunnel closed so, he grabbed his 65 lbs. of firefighter gear and ran through the 1.7-mile Tunnel.  Unfortunately, he was among many whose bodies were never recovered. It is this unselfish dedication to their profession putting their life on the line to save others that they are "Never to be Forgotten".

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Protecting and Defending our Freedom

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to ensure our US Military Heroes are not forgotten. The attack on 9/11 woke up the most powerful Military Force on earth. Thousands of young men and women were sent to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in search of the terrorist groups al Qaeda lead by Osama Bin Laden. The search for this terrorist leader ended on May 2, 2011 when a team of US Navy Seals shot and killed Bin Laden in his compound home in Bilal Town a suburb of Abbottabad Pakistan. Since 9/11 our brave soldiers have ventured into strange and hostile environments confronted by civilian dressed men, women and children and not knowing if they are a friend or foe.  As of November 2019, 6,973 US Armed Forces Service members have died or killed in the line of duty. They deserved to be always remembered as Heroes of America and “Never to be Forgotten”.

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Helping The Community

At Honoring USA Heroes, we are dedicated to Honoring the men and women who represent the Blue Line of our US Flag.  On 9/11,  23 of Americas Finest paid the ultimate prices doing their job to help rescue those in the World Trade Center.   Every day on or off duty they are putting their life on the line for us to "Protect and to Serve". There is no greater tribute than to honor their life to be always remembered by family and friends when they listen to his/her favorite songs and recordings. "Never to be forgotten".


At Honoring USA Heroes, we see the value in everyone especially, our fallen heroes. We want to ensure that the memories of our Heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice are forever immortalized and to help their families move from “Tears of Sadness to Tears of Happiness”.  Our mission is to provide a unique memorial picture to the surviving spouse, parents or child of our Heroes.  Our acoustic canvas pictures provide a visual image of their hero plus the ability to play their hero’s favorite music or any special recordings or memorials. By adding the dimension of sound to our memorial pictures our vision is to transcend and revolutionize how we honor our hero’s and help keep their memory alive. So that they are "Never to be Forgotten".

Heroes = First Responders, US Military, Firefighters, Government Security Agencies & Law Enforcement. Who gave their lives in the Line of Duty on and after September 11, 2001.



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